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Philosopher-Marketing Lunatic-Ideaholic

A highly experienced and innovative business professional with expertise in sales, marketing, and business development, seeking a challenging role in which to utilize my skills and experience to help drive business growth and success. Skilled in providing exceptional customer service, building strong customer relationships, and leveraging technology to help local businesses compete against national chains. Proven track record of delivering tailored solutions to clients, increasing revenue, and building strong customer relationships. Excellent negotiation, communication, and problem-solving skills.


  • Sales and marketing: proven track record of increasing revenue through innovative sales solutions and marketing strategies. 
  • Business development: experience identifying new opportunities for growth and expansion, including developing and launching new products and services.
  • Customer service: highly skilled in providing exceptional customer service and building strong customer relationships.
  • Technology: expertise in leveraging technology to improve business operations and help local businesses compete against national chains.
  • Strategic planning: experience developing and implementing strategic plans to achieve business goals.
  • Communication: excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, with the ability to effectively convey complex information to diverse audiences.
  • Negotiation: highly skilled in negotiation and deal‑making, with a proven ability to secure sponsorships, partnerships, and sales.
  • Problem‑solving: strong analytical and problem‑solving skills, with a creative approach to finding solutions to complex business challenges.
  • Leadership: experience leading and managing teams, with a track record of building high‑performing teams and achieving business goals
  • Adaptability: highly adaptable, with the ability to thrive in fast‑paced, rapidly changing environments.


Fitness Consultant

Johnson Fitness & Wellness, Greenwich, CT

Sep 2022 - Present

  • Provided expert advice and recommendations to customers looking to purchase cardio and strength training equipment and wellness products
  • Created a welcoming and positive environment that promoted a healthy and active lifestyle, and consistently achieved exceptional sales results.
  • Offered ongoing support and encouragement to customers to help them achieve their fitness goals.
  • Consistently achieved exceptional sales results, selling over $300,000 in my first 6 months and consistently ranking in the top 10% of Extended Warranty Sales in our company that has over 100 fitness specialty stores in the US.
  • Maintained an average margin of over 40% each month, contributing to the financial success of the store.

Director of Operations

The BFR Pros, LLC, Greenwich, CT

Sep 2023 - Jul 2023
Jul 2018 - Present

  • Manage all logistical and operational aspects of The BFR Pros, a company providing fitness and rehab professionals with on‑demand, online BFR training courses, private live BFR training workshops, and BFR training webinars.
  • Oversees and manages the day‑to‑day operations of the company, ensuring that all training courses and workshops are delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest standards.
  • Develops and implements effective operational processes and procedures to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the company's services.
  • Collaborates with the sales and marketing teams to develop and execute successful marketing campaigns to drive sales and increase brand awareness.
  • Monitors and analyzes key performance metrics to track the company's progress towards its goals and identify areas for improvement.
  • Works closely with external partners, vendors, and suppliers to negotiate contracts and ensure the timely delivery of services.
  • Coordinates with the finance team to manage budgets, expenses, and revenue projections.
  • Provides exceptional customer service to ensure that all clients have a positive experience with the company and are satisfied with the services provided.


The Marketing Lunatic, Greenwich, CT

Sep 2011 - Present

  • Develops and implements a fully automated, innovative smart web solution, RestaurantWave, that provides turn‑key, hassle‑free, and affordable Virtual Restaurants to local restaurant owners.
  • Builds a complete "customers in a box solution" that helps restaurant owners build and monetize their customer database through Online Ordering and Integrated Marketing pipeline, which includes a website for online ordering that covers all internet platforms as well as customized mobile apps.
  • Hosts online ordering on the restaurant's custom‑designed website as the primary point of engagement, beginning a 360◦ marketing relationship between the independent restaurant and their customers.
  • Builds a 360◦ marketing relationship that keeps independent restaurants top of mind with their customers by providing a frequently scheduled host of perceived value propositions delivered through a variety of dynamic touchpoints, including but not limited to emails, ecoupons, gift certificates, VIP Memberships, and text messages.
  • Helps local restaurant owners compete against national chains by providing a technology solution that allows them to engage with their customers at their convenience.
  • Increases the bottom line of local restaurants by providing a comprehensive virtual restaurant solution that helps restaurant owners build and monetize their customer database.
  • Develops a virtual restaurant solution that allows local restaurants to stay top of mind with their customers, resulting in increased frequency of spend.
  • Services over 45 locations since the launch of the company in 2011.
  • Contributes to the mission of helping local restaurant owners compete against national chains that are putting them out of business through the strength of their advertising budgets, power of technology, and knowledge of database marketing.


The Ideamaker, Scarsdale, NY

May 2006 - Oct 2018

  • Leveraged creativity, industry knowledge, and technical expertise to deliver tailored solutions to clients across multiple industries through ideation, problem‑solving, and strategic planning.
  • Successfully fixed back‑end technology for Numanna, a $2.5 million ecommerce food company, while positioning it for rapid exponential growth.
  • Provided digital, out‑of‑home, and mobile media sales consulting for 3,000 video screens in Chicago Taxis.
  • Created a whiteboard animation video for The Motor Vehicle Network, a DMV Media Company.
  • Provided operations and administrative support for C.R.O. Partners, who worked with many US companies to scale revenue, including launching and scaling roughly 50 international digital businesses in the US since their founding in 2008.
  • Restructured the sales and marketing teams and designed an award‑winning logo for AWISCO, a leading welding and industrial supplies company.
  • Sold over 12 TV sponsorships for ABC‑TV/Disson Skating, leveraging excellent negotiation and communication skills.
  • Helped sell several sponsorships for adverCar, an innovative media start‑up.

Vice President Marketing/Business Development

Univision Television Television Group, New York, NY

Mar 2003 - Jan 2006

  • Generated $10 million General Motors Integrated Marketing Initiative, conception, execution and sale
  • GM BEST Jobs! Innovative Sales Solution/JOBS Program that attracted, recruited and trained qualified bilingual Hispanic Salespeople for General Motors auto dealerships.
  • Launched in Philadelphia, Chicago, New York & Wash DC

Director of Strategic Partnerships/New Business Development


Jan 2001 - Jan 2002

  • Secured $600K innovative radio sponsorship to Lumber Liquidators new business & now a major national advertiser. Celebrity endorsement campaign including Charles Osgood, Laura Ingraham, G. Gordon Liddy

Vice President of Media / Managing Director

DISSON FURST AND PARTNERS (Sports Marketing Consultants), New York, NY

Jun 1998 - Dec 2000

  • Closed $3.3 million of new sponsorship revenue for NBC Television Figure Skating specials including Glaxo, Unilever, Colgate, Wyeth, Merck, Alberto Culver, SC Johnson, Royal Caribbean,

Vice President of Sponsorships

AMERICAN BASKETBALL LEAGUE (Womenʼs Professional Basketball League), New York, NY

Jan 1997 - May 1998

  • Created nationally recognized “award winning” sales tools for a fledgling women's professional sports league

National Sales Manager

WTSP-TV (CITICASTERS- ABC then CBS affiliate), Tampa, FL

Jan 1992 - May 1995

  • Managed 15 offices and $20 million with over 50 salespeople and managers nationwide

Account Executive/Account Executive/National Sales Manager


Nov 1982 - Dec 1991

  • Brought in $1million of new 1984 Olympic Business including first time advertisers National Steel, Soloflex


Bachelor of Arts in Communications

Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH

Sep 1974 - Jun 1978


  • All Ohio Soccer, NCAA Division I /USSSA Softball All World Team
  • Executive Speaker Institute, Executive Technique, Toastmasters
  • Steering Committee ‑ Mid Hudson Valley Green Talent Pipeline
  • West Islip High School Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee – 2009
  • SCORE of Westchester Volunteer – Mentor & Co‑Chair Marketing Committee
  • New Models of Business in Society by University of Virginia on Coursera. Certificate earned on April 15, 2015